What is an Industrial Engineer?

A person trained and proficient in:

  • Optimizing complex processes, systems, and organizations
  • Developing more profitable business practices
  • Improving efficiency and customer service
  • Making work safer, faster, easier, and more rewarding
  • Helping companies produce more products faster
  • Reducing costs associated with new technology
  • Doing more with less
right-quote-tealI would highly recommend FTR and their engineering approach to streamline rig operations…
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci



Thad Dunham was an Industrial Engineer with National Oilwell Varco and part of the land rig design team

His position can be summarized in three points.
  • Spend as much time on rigs as possible
  • Measure rig operations and record data
  • Utilize data to improve rig performance
With roots in manufacturing and distribution, he recognized the potential of LEAN in the oilfield

Rig move frequency was increasing rapidly due to shale drilling and high oil prices

A LEAN based rig move improvement study was conducted. Results were implemented and validated.


Study results were presented at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference

Streamlined procedures, intelligent rig design among keys to efficient rig moveOnePetro Conference Paper: Measuring and Improving Land Rig Moves Using Hard Data
Thad and his wife Jillian Dunham became fully convinced the oil and gas industry would benefit from exploring LEAN based improvement

Both Industrial Engineers, they recognized the potential for operations to be systematically defined, measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled. Combined with a shortage of Industrial Engineers working in the oilfield—Flat Time Reduction was born.

2015 – 2016

FTR focuses primarily on testing solutions, gathering data, and validating results. Solutions result in significant client benefits.

FTR forms strategic advisory board and begins growth plan

Our 5 Founding Principles

  1. Results are a function of relationships
  2. Operational Excellence is attainable
  3. Every process can be improved
  4. Continuous Improvement is a journey
  5. Listen twice as much as you speak
When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.
Ben Franklin


Our Solutions

Safer, faster, more rewarding operations for your company means a healthier bottom line.

  • Logistical Planning and Organization
  • Rig Mobilization Management
    – Full range of services
  • Time and Motion Studies
    – Human and/or vs. equipment
  • Muda Waste Discovery
    – Defects, overproduction, inventory, over processing, motion, handling, waiting, unsafe, underutilized human potential
  • Process and Equipment Validation
  • FEED Consulting – Front End Engineering Design
  • Visual Aid Creation
  • Document Digitization & Workflows (In Beta Mode)
    – Contact us to be a test subject
Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.
Henry Ford

Client Testimonial

Testimonial by Ed Jacob
We partnered with FTR for 2 years (2014 – 2016) with a common goal of reducing move times between pads and reducing walking time between wells. FTR is not a group of former toolpushers or motivational speakers, they are experienced Field Engineers. They achieve buy in and ownership from rig managers and crews through LEAN solutions and shared information. The results have been a 49% reduction in move times between locations and a 53% reduction in walking time between wells. I would highly recommend FTR and their engineering approach to streamline rig operations.
Ed Jacob
President & COO, Independence Contract Drilling (retired 6/16)
2015 IADC Chairman
2014 IADC Contractor of the Year

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